We aim to have a positive approach toward equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our clients and staff come from diverse mix cultural backgrounds, and our actions will respect and acknowledge our clients’ experiences and identities.
We will interact effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds
We will promote positive attitudes towards difference and equality
We will be open to obtaining knowledge from different cultural practices and worldviews
We will demonstrate an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures

We have a committed and diverse team, which adds to our service delivery and improves performance. We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce, one in which we aim to continue to educate and share knowledge through continuing education on diversity and inclusion.

We will routinely review our practice and reports to ensure we are inclusive and acknowledge diversity.

We are open to working with any ethnicity, cultural background, race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Thus, we have a zero-tolerance for abuse, harassment, violence and threatening behaviour towards our team.

Not being from the UK, and not knowing how the court process works here, I felt it was going to be difficult to get the right support. During the assessment, I felt they understood why it was important for me and my children to relocate, even if I knew it was going to be hard to convince my ex-partner and the court to agree.

Mother of 2, Section 7, Relocation