Why choose the Child Resource Group?

We are a diverse group of former High Court Team social workers, guardians, therapists, and contact supervisors with experience and knowledge of safeguarding and family proceedings at the highest levels, domestic and international.
  • Our assessments and interventions centre the child at the core of our work, helping parents reach creative solutions to move forward.
  • We are currently working in Private Family Law in complex and acrimonious cases, with considerable success.
  • We have a blend of specialities, which can support feuding co-parents deal with everyday differences to implacable intransigence.
  • We have many cases that reach agreement at DRA hearings once our recommendations are shared with the parties, thus avoiding final hearings and the financial and emotional costs embedded in additional, avoidable litigation.

At every step of the process, we can be utilised:

  • Meeting
  • C100
  • Fact
  • DRA
  • Final
    Hearing /
  • General information about court process / interviews with CAFCASS
  • Pre court co-parenting support
  • Mediation / avoid court proceedings
  • Set up supervised contact at the point of application, FHDRA, pre section 7 / post fact-finding hearing. In the community and/or home
  • Complete section 7 reports
  • Leave to remove, internal / international
  • Interim contact reports
  • Co-parenting Support (MBT, Triple P, Trauma work, counselling, life story, family therapy, counselling, intensive therapeutic intervention

Fair, honest, helpful…things are workable now.

Mother of 2, Section 7 Report